You know what they say about writers, right? We have the power to make any character/ story immortal.

Sanjeev Ranjan is amongst the brigade of young bestselling authors of India. His previous works have struck a chord with the readers and he brings a heart touching romance yet again with You Are Forever In My heart. With 185 pages long, the book is published by Srishti Publishers.

The novel follows the story of the author and his quest for true love. Scalded by his first love, Ashima, he becomes a loner, a recluse. His state of depression esclates to such heights that he often takes advice from his doctor friend, Gaurav. Following the suggestions of Gaurav he ends up taking photography classes post his working hours. This not only rejuvenates the fervor in him but brings him closer to his fate, his love, the one who will forever be in his heart.

The novel is quite lucid and one can zap through the novel in an hour or two. I would recommend that one read this book in a single sitting.

What initially seemed like a light read to me caught up pace quicker than I could imagine. Few pages down and I was hooked to the story. I could relate to the feelings of the author. Being an author of a moderately successful book, I could understand the initial shyness of a newbie author. That’s what got me going.

The fact that author didn’t use a pseudo name to portray his story made it all the more appealing to me.

The climax though predictable was heart wrenching.

There’s no doubt about the storytelling skills of the author which has got him this far and popular. There were no unnecessary description to drag the story. Vocabulary used was also easy pie.

With minimum characters, the author told this beautiful tale simplistically.

Though there was nothing in this novel that didn’t work for me yet I felt something amiss. I couldn’t really place what is it still.

Nonetheless, this book makes a fine read for the romance genre lovers and for this month of love.

All I can say is, Sanjeev, has made you immortal with his words. You Are Forever In My Heart. (Too)

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐.5
Publisher: Srishti Publishers
Available on: Amazon, Flipkart, In-store

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