One can appreciate history and leave it where it belongs. – Why I Am A Hindu

Thank you @MumbaiBookstagram, @ShashiTharoor and @AlephBookCo for an advance reading (signed) copy of Why I Am A Hindu.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life each of us has had, at some point of time in life, introspected oneself about one’s caste, culture, rituals. Each of us, among multiple chores, does knowingly-unknowingly try to search for the real reality of self. For a spiritual seeker like me, I have read tons of books that will help me enhance my search for truth. Frankly speaking, I dived into Why I Am A Hindu with one too many negative notions. Tharoor being a leftist and me, a rightist (liberal), I knew my thoughts might not concur. But I was wrong.

Tharoor shows wits, intelligence, logic, throughout his book Why I Am A Hindu. He packs it with ample knowledge. So much is this book knowledge-heavy that one doesn’t get a micro-second to even think about binge reading it. (Take this as an advise, please don’t think or try to binge read it.)

This book has a connectivity with it’s readers. It cites wisdom from Upanishads, Vedas, Gita and many other puranic stories. This book is divided into 3 sections and has 7 chapters. Each chapter deals with one particular issue and delves deeper into the trenches of wisdom to bring out an insightful and a delightful read. A flow is maintained throughout a chapter and the topic is discussed from different perspectives, touching base with every aspect possible.

I loved the fact that Tharoor has systematized his thoughts. In section one, which has 4 chapters, Tharoor, brings forth the essence of Hinduism. No one can ever differ on it. Every word rings true. This is the only section which has been tabbed with multiple post-its by me. Section two tackles the Hinduism as defined by extremist in the pre-independece era and politicians of the present day. Despite having rightist views, the liberal in me had to agree to Tharoor’s enunciation of the topic. Lastly, section three is more about bringing Hinduism back from the clutches of predatory instincts of those with political agendas. Again, I had to agree to this as well.

When we had a government with absolute majority, the only thought that kept on going in my mind was, ‘we also need a strong opposition.’ Shashi Tharoor, packs his intelligence and knowledge in this treatise and emerges as an applause worthy and a strong opposition. He gained my respect with every page that I turned.

To sum up, all I can say is that to some extent, my views of Hindutva, may differ from here on.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Publisher: Aleph Book Co
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