Entangled publisher’s Cinderella And The Geek by Christina Phillips isn’t a cliché romance.

The novel follows the story of Harry and Alice. Alice works in Harry’s firm which creates computer games. She is the go-to person when it comes to resolving issues the company faces. She is Blitz’s number one. Harry owns the firm alongside Caleb. Harry and Alice secretly like each other but can only confess so when fate conspires to bring the two together for an award show. This leads to a titillating romance and a beautiful climax.

I have already spoken about the climax because you will have to wait for Harry and Alice’s surreal happily-ever-after.

Christina Phillips is a seasoned writer and her usage of vocab and the drafting of sentences is laudable. For instance,

“I’ve seen how bloodthirsty keyboard warriors are once they dig their claws into something juicy.”


“He’s still a force of nature, and I’m still the unmoving rock.”

Or even while presenting a fact like Alice losing her virginity, Phillips writes,

“Like a barbarian from the dawn of time, my inner Neanderthal erupts, and raw possessiveness burns through me. I’m her first.”

Such sentences bring a uniqueness and a charm to the novel. It adds humor too. Phillips is quite adept when it comes to creating scenes and conversations. That’s another aspect which I loved in this novel.

Around 200 pages long this novel can be read in a single sitting. But it isn’t like the cliché romance that we read. The setting is different and so is the proposal towards the climax. I was blown away by the way Harry chose to propose Alice.

Talking of the settings, I haven’t read books about gaming geeks. To think of a world outside the gaming zone is something these geeks hardly ever do. And so to find myself reading a love story of a maker of a fantasy game was unexpected. Infact, the title though attractive, didn’t give away too much about the novel. I keep forgetting the blurb or skip reading it solely to surprise myself with the content; and pleasantly surprised I was as I finished reading this novel.

If you are a romance genre fan like I am then definitely read it if you are looking for young and refreshing romance. You might want to put the book down at some point but do wait for the climax, #fortheloveofbooks !

Rating: 🤓🤓🤓
Publishers: Entangled
Available: Amazon


Thank you Netgalley for an advance reading copy.