Ever since the popularity brought to blank verse poetry by new gen poets like Rupi Kaur and Lang Leav, we find more poets turning towards blank verse to present their thoughts.

Thank you Austin Macaulay Publishers, UK for the review copy of Water Falling Between Words by Anna Kapungu.

The poetry book is divided into 8 sections. Each section is dedicated to a particular theme. The poetess touches different social and personal aspects in this book. Her words are sharp and she makes no bones about any issue discussed in the poem. Now, while it is simplistically written and is quite lucid, there is a certain pattern I observed in the poems.

  • The poems are blank verses. Some poems do have a rhyme scheme but the author stresses on using a blank verse for a better effect.
  • The poems can be seen as sentences or phrases giving a knee jerk effect.
  • To me poems felt like a lengthened haiku.
  • Some titles of the poems were deceptive and I couldn’t connect with all the poems.
  • Some poems created a visual in front of my eyes and were indeed beautifully penned.

I shall write down my favorite poems from the book according to the sections.

Poems on life
Behind the face, Lily, The rock in the middle of the ocean, I am woman, Life, The rock in the middle of the ocean

The rock in the middle of the ocean was quite metaphorical. I am woman only touched the surface I felt, it could have dived deeper to bring out the essence to suit the name. On the other hand the poem, Life, comes a full circle and stays true to it’s name.

Poems on love
The union, Summerlily, Love, Raine, Human standards, My life in your hands

I could relate much to Love and Raine.

Poems on Nature

Lost, Louisiana

Lost, stirred an uncanny feeling within me. Louisiana, teleported me there.

Poems on life in society

This part of town, Out of order, The Light within, Crisis

This part of town was raw and sharp commentary on that part of town where amenities are less and poverty ever on the rise. Out of order, spelt the life in a materialistic society.
The light within, has a certain beautiful and philosophical inclination alongside a commentary on the social prejudices. Crisis, crisply covers the negativity in the society from terrorism to natural disasters.

Poems of lost love

Blinded, Winter, The Love I Needed

Winter speaks about loosing your loved ones to death and the turmoil that follows. The love I needed, came across as a structured poem.

Poems on war and soldiers

I didn’t have any favorites in this section.

Poems of reflection
Serenity, The light in the window dimmed, Blank page

Poems on wisdom
My soul, Unusual you

You can choose to give it a read if you like poems in blank verse.

Rating: 🌼🌼.5
Publishers: Austin Macaulay
Available on: Amazon