GRAVITY – Power, Comfort, Stability

Can you picture Picasso or Van Gogh in denims and t-shirts, painting their way to glory while the paint artistically splashes on their jeans giving it a very worn out look? What do you think? Does it fit the picture, can you imagine these artists in a rebellious outfit like denim. Well, yes, if you haven’t yet known then let me tell you, denims have been treated as a rebellious outfit, worn by artists especially and they would often give a worn out look, a feel much wanted. While I don’t wish to get into the ergonomics or thoughy of/ movement behind the denim, I sure want to highlight a fabulous event I attended this week, Arvind Festive – 18.

I wasn’t sure if I could make it to the event but despite every fall, broken heel, a cranky baby left behind at home, crowded trains, I made it and it was all worth the trouble! The event turned out to be an enlightening one and a myth breaker.

Arvind Festive – 18

Denim is a constant. It is stable in our lifestyle. Our generation is aligned on denim. And it is an inseparable part of our lives. When it is such then why is it that we have not a clue about the ergonomics of it? This event, proved to be insightful. Coming to my Instagram story, a few days ago, I had vented that I didn’t find a store anywhere in Borivali East, station road that kept Women’s jeans. Now, while the event didn’t really solve that problem, but it was somewhere me wishing to know more about the denim industry that got a me to step in to this exquisite exhibit held at The Lalit, Mumbai.

Arvind Denim Lab is a $1.5 billion conglomerate with interests in textiles, branded apparel and accessories, engineering and real estate and is one of the leading textile to retail and brands conglomerate in India. Arvind Limited, manufactures and sells about 300 million meters of fabrics and over 30 million pieces of ready to wear apparel. Its denim, woven and knit products are known for being innovative and sustainable, which are sourced by some of the most iconic apparel brands around the world. And INVISTA, with leading brands including LYCRA® fiber, COOLMAX®, CORDURA®, STAINMASTER® and ANTRON®, INVISTA is one of the world’s largest integrated producers of chemical intermediates, polymers and fibers. The company’s advantaged technologies for nylon, spandex and polyester are used to produce clothing, carpet, car parts and countless other everyday products. Headquartered in the United States, INVISTA operates in more than 20 countries and has about 10,000 employees.

The exhibit put forth by the two was a heaven for denim lovers. I could see denims everywhere in all shapes and sizes, produced with the best indigo and with much innovation. Tauted to be an exhibit with a futuristic approach to denims, the event brought expectional and exquisite quality of goods for the customers. As a lay person, we see denims as black and blue, the one that fits us right and which makes everyday life more comfortable for us. But here you could see sustainability, comfort, longevity, foresight, all put together. Coming from a pioneer of denim revolution in India, it was no surprise to see the kind of brands that endorsed future of denim.

To a certain level, all of us are making denims an integral part of our lives. And to make that sustainable reality, Arvind is deligently working towards it. With biggies like Pepe, Jealous 21, associated with the ADL I could gauge the healthy interaction of the ideologies making ADL the one with an integrated sector. The entire deal is a win-win situation for both the buyer as well as the seller of the raw materials. ADL offers co- creating, co- washing/technical assistance and co-branding to the brands. For instance, the Pepe Jeggings were a part of co-branding. Boomerang range too was a part of co-branding.

Alongside there were an array of different categories of denims cultivated with innovation, keeping the youth in mind. The first thing that caught my attention was one piece of denim washed into many different shades. The there were the banana pants put on display. They were unique with bow legs, slim-fit and skinny, were the most comfortable pants for Skaters, we were told.

The Boomerang 360 range was again something that caught my eye because of the engineering and the thought behind the making of this product. These pants, we were told not only stretch but oblongate in all directions making it comfortable enough to do acrobatics, yoga and other sports.

Ikat was again another product brought in the market with a perception of taking inspiration from traditional method to make it into a more commercial aspect giving it an artistic appeal and textural effect.

Upon inquiry I was told that ADL is also working on bringing in the stain resistant denims. And also the thought of attracting the international market with their very Indian product Khadi denims, the exhibit won me again. The thought behind turning Khadi into denims was to gift something “from India to the world.” And ADL has won Global Denim Award for best fabrics in 2016 for this initiative. Khadi is organically produced, hand spun, hand dyed and hand woven into denims by hand weaver’s in Gujarat. This initiative was with the aim to impart sustainability and employment to India.

The fun part of being an author is I get to play with my outfits but it wasn’t so when I was working in corporate. It was either straight formals or semi-formals. However, with Hybrid Chinos, ADL has brought in “work to play” aspect. Chinos are basically, satin woven but very compact fitting. Here, with Hybrid Chinos, ADL brings us a formal wear which washes like denim. It can be seen as a denim with chinos construction. This is a monotony breaker and way forward, I feel.

Lastly, the super dark indigo of Azurite attracted me the most. It is another celebrated product right after the Boomerang range, I was told.

And also, there was Coolmax Ecomade which guaranteed moisture retention making it a perfect denim to pick in a humid weather of Mumbai.

What I took back from the event? I will have to be very careful with my denims. Indigo used in denim making has anti-bacterial properties and it isn’t necessary to wash it after every outing unless of course if it stinks! Washing it once or twice a year will give longevity to my denim wear, I was told.

I brought back home a wealth of knowledge about the denim industry, the engineering of it and the innovations I can look forward to. There were exchange of ideas and few happy moments.

All I can say to you my lovely readers is flaunt your denim wear.

Until next time.


PS: We snacked on some yummy food!