“Her laughter was contagious, and his jokes were irresistible. Together, they were a mad combination.”

Devanshi Sharma’s Imperfect Misfits published by Srishti Publishers is a feel good book.

The 187 paged novel follows the story of Aakash and Tiasha. They are best friends, poles apart but with an inseparable bond. Their friendship will make anyone envious. They both have feelings for each other but dreams to realize as well. Their feelings when comes in between their dreams, the love birds drift apart, only to be brought back the uncanny emotions.

The novel is perfectly paced and sails smoothly. One can read it in a single sitting. It is peppered with Hindi and there are some literal translation of a vernacular thought or sentence. For instance, “… I took whole world on my head,” is a literal translation. There are many more like this. But some sentences are unique and thought provoking. If we overlook the grammatical errors, one can see a seamless design of thoughts and a beautiful story. The writing is too Indian, I can say, and will be appreciated by the young crowd. It is equally cute.

At times the writing is mature and at times amateur. For instance, “She was exhausted and felt like putting her head on him and sleeping peacefully as they stood….” Putting a head on him could have been written as, “resting her head on his shoulder/chest”. There are plenty such sentences. And then there are places where the writing come across as well knit with some unique and devouring phrases. For instance “… people who breathed spices and lived cooking?”

The turn off for me was one too many digressions. The author goes on about her experiences the minute my imagination is taking me in the lives of Aakash and Tiasha. It is an unseen speed breaker and my imagination has to hit the breaks and take it slow from there. That’s how it felt. Secondly, the book initially begins like a movie, the author asking us to zoom in and zoom out of the scene, pan left or right and then this technique is out as we read further into the novel.

Howsoever, Imperfect Misfits is more about tackling the dilemmas about relationships and balancing our life. It is a feel good book about friendship, career with a tinge of romance.

I really found it cute!

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐
Publishers: Srishti Publishers
Available on: In-store, Amazon, Flipkart

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