Movie buff and a reader is a lethal combination. We are either silent or too loud intellectuals but our hunger for art doesn’t end with feasting on movies and books, we need more and we need it to satisfy us! And what better than popcorn to quell our hunger. Kadakslap, a Delhi based company has come up with yummilicious treats for movie buffs, readers and everyone who loves binging on popcorns!

I received 4 packs of popcorn with Cheese, Peri, Spicy and Butter flavours. Here’s my reaction after gobbling down these delectable treats.

Cheese popcorn was cheesy and tangy more like what you get in cinema hall.

Peri popcorn was slightly spicy, tasted like tandoori and had a tad bit of tangy taste to it.

Butter popcorns weren’t really buttery. They did have the butter flavour but were more salted I felt.

Spicy popcorns wasn’t much spicy but had a tinge of tanginess to it.

These popcorns are gluten free, 0% trans fat and has no MSG. So even fitness freaks can grab a packet or two. The above flavours come in two prices Rs 5 packet and Rs 10 packet.

There will be more from Kadak #SLAP soon.

Meanwhile, why don’t you check out their Instagram page, click here.

Pssst….eating popcorns helps in weight loss also.