Happiest One Year Anniversary To Pretty Secrets. ♥️

Lingerie Shopping is and has been very quick for me. I am selective and stick to my brands. But today is something that has had me drooling over the beauty of it!

Past couple of days, I kept seeing the videos by beauty bloggers about a contest by a brand called “Pretty Secrets.” Amongst the many who won, my bae @marianonajourney won and tagged me to the party. The brand has turned a year younger and so we celebrated.

In the plush vicinity of Bandra Linking road, stands the trendiest and the pinkest brand Pretty Secrets. While I had no cue about the brand, but I was introduced to it in the stupendous way.

Yes, I tripped calling an overall a kaftan top, but at least I got to know about the outfit. On the other hand…. If I can mistaken the overall for a pretty kaftan top one can gauge how beautiful their range of product is!

The designs, the feel of the whole morning, their ambassadors all was warm and welcoming. I had the delicious cake pop ever. And the goodies gifted include a tote bag, stickers, sleeping eye mask and the sexiest lacy panty!

The brand was so good that it made me want to forget that I was one broke girl on a no-shopping-spree-for-a-while vow. I almost bought the checkered overall.

Thank you Pretty Secrets for having us over and congratulations on the huge success. There will be many more.