If you are a 90s kid then you know who Heidi is! And if you don’t know, whatever were you doing, man?

Heidi, the name has brought smile to my face always. I recall how a beautiful cherubic girl would talk about Alps, goats and cheese. I can recall the beauty that she was, amidst the greenery of the Alpine pastures. Although I don’t recall much, but I know that loved watching the series on the Cartoon Network.

Rupa Publications has packaged the goodness and brought back Heidi for it’s lovers. If you are like me who has missed out on this epic read and series and miss it way too much or you just want to hop on a nostalgia wagon then do pick up this book.

Heidi loudly wailed, “Oh I want to go home. What the poor snowhopper will do without me? Grandmother is waiting for me everyday. Poor Thistlefinch gets blows if Peter gets no cheese, and I must see the sun again when he says good-night to the mountains. How the eagle would screech if he saw all the people here in Frankfurt.

The book was published in two parts in 1881 by author Spyri. The novel follows the story of an orphan girl, Heidi who innocently though but spreads positive vibes wherever she goes. She is been left at the threshold of her estranged grandfather by her aunt. Her grandfather lives a secluded life on the mountain top and hasn’t been receptive to the humane warmth. However, he changes within minutes of being in the proximity of this child. Heidi is such that wherever she goes joy follows. And so it happens that her aunt returns to take Heidi to Frankfurt where she is to be a mate to a lame child, Clara. A disciplinarian household does not do her good but she certainly brings blossoms in the gloomy atmosphere of the mansion.

Such is the beauty of this novel that words of praises have been flowing without any glitch or disruption.

I was always in love with Heidi and after reading her memoir (not precisely) I have fallen for her. Spyri’s writing is succinct and lucid but she doesn’t let go of the innocence. She retains the flavours of a children’s literature and also educates the adult in me, simultaneously. The novel sails smoothly for me. And it leaves no space for disappointment. It is an epic read, a cult, if you will.

Is there any children’s book you would like me to review? Do comment.

PS: This edition by Rupa Publications has chapter highlights at the end of each chapter and questions in the last two pages. It does look like an academic book but it makes a great read. Don’t miss out on grabbing a copy!

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Publishers: Rupa Publications

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