You may have heard about the high society dramas. Seen it even. But did you get to live it? I am sure you didn’t. However, the latest book by Bloomsbury India authored by Rohan Dahiya, The Bitter Pill Social Club makes you live the page 3 lifestyle. Though the pill you take is bitter, it does have a few sensible quotes that I loved reading.

Here are some of my favourite quotes from the book The Bitter Pill Social Club. Some of these quotes succinctly portray the high society life, some are true to the tee, some are uber romantic and some make you ponder.

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1. They who debated Modi and his henchmen as if they knew beyond their slight inconveniences, who spoke of their vacation plans with so much seriousness you’d think they were curing cancer.

2. “Don’t you think everyone’s really desperate to fill up silences these days?”
She looked at him and smiled.
“I think it’s because people are afraid of their own thoughts when there’s nothing to talk about.”

3. “I think everyone is so insecure they start wondering what the other person is thinking when they’re not saying anything. And if they’re thinking about them and what they are thinking about them. Or if they’re not thinking about them, why are they not thinking about them. ”

4. “No really, have you ever shared moment like this with anyone else? Where you’re sitting in absolute silence and there’s no need to talk and it’s okay not to and… I don’t know you just look at the moon or the stars or whatever.”

Unboxing the book

5. “You can very well do that with a surrogate or a thousand different ways! What is the matter with you?”
Geetu had spoken up for the first time, “It will never be the same as giving birth, papa. You will never understand that feeling, only a woman, only a mother can understand.”

6. I could feel the power, the burning energy of asserting myself and acknowledging my conscious in that moment. I could feel it all, and I’m not bothered by it. It was beautiful. It was like a dream. And I’d do it all over again.

The book was my travel buddy in a boring training journey

7. Ordinary-strange word isn’t it. It says everything’s calm, almost droll, but also maybe pleasent.

8. Home was where laughs and sorrows held equal footing.

9. I’m afraid if I lose it, I don’t think it’s something I’ll ever recover from. You’re something I’ll never recover from.

10. Although they were hurting, each other was all they had.

11. No matter what you say about this place though, it is home.

And there are so many more!

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