You love reading good stuff and you too aspire to start a blog. I have been blogging since 2010, I started blogging on Blogspot. And I am new to WordPress. Well, the switch was solely because my last blog was more personal and I wanted to get into blogging professionally. Hence, this blog.

While my niche is books, I have also written about food, lifestyle and parenting. I have brought for you some guest posts also. However, in blogging sphere there’s always much more that you can do and achieve.

Keeping this in mind I picked up Gundi Gabrielle’s Starting A Successful Blog ebook on Kindle. The book is a short read and can be read in 30 minutes. It is free on Kindle and everyone can read it for their benefit.

The book gives you 7 steps to starting a successful blog. The author tackles the dilemma of a newbie like me over self hosting and free WordPress. It helps you understand the SEO bit. It gives you an idea to design and customize your blog and it also helps you with the plugins you can use.

Overall, it was a good read. I find some points helpful.

So those of you taking baby steps in the world of blogging do read the book.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐
Available: Kindle