I saw one Tedx video by Tai Lopez who stressed why we need a mentor and when we can’t find a mentor we ought to find one in a book and try to read one book everyday. Tai mentions that he learnt from books as much as he learnt from individuals. He learnt from those books and from leaders whom he had never met.

Ashraf Haggag’s book Legends Over Generations paged 172 talks about legends/leaders who have shaped the thoughts over generations.

The book is divided majorly into 4 parts Human Rights, Science, Politics and Arts & Literature. These sections are preceded by an introduction of the section to follow. The account given of every leader is concise and doesn’t digress. Each chapter is condensed and packed with knowledge.

Haggag follows certain pattern while introducing the leaders, dividing their life according to phases. The writing is lucid and smooth. Since it is a nonfiction and the writer talks about magnanimous personalities, there’s not much experimenting with the writing style. However, the anecdotes from the lives of these legends have been made quite interesting by the author.

Overall, it is a good read meant for young and old alike.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐
Publisher: Blue Rose publication
Available on: Amazon