Every love story is beautiful but our love story is special because it has a message to convey.

India is a country which can politicize a pure feeling of love as well. And we have seen it multiple times. People can spur riots in a peaceful coloney by just an exchange of words! The divide and rule policy implemented by British has had a lasting impact on our psyche and no one will ever deny that. Having said that, My True Angel by Invincible publishers authored by Irshad Thalakala, although, a love story, tackles a social issue with enough aplomb.

At 214 pages, this short read follows the story of Iqbal, an engineer from Kerala who migrates to Bangalore for job. After meeting Rubina, he realizes what love is. But this love is not to be. Rubina shuns him and he is thrown out of the company. With a crippled career he still holds on to his honest and true self and wins over yet another white collar job. Now, here’s the twist. Here he meets Payal who has his heart in trance. They both love each other with equal fervor but what is it that’s stopping them from taking nuptial vows? Why, the religion!

Love Jihad is the term often used when a Muslim guy and a Hindu girl tie a knot or are in love with each other. This phrase has become a common phrase. But really are we so silly as to not see the pious feelings of two souls for each other? I loved how the author with enough maturity handled this subject. He gave us a taste of romance and married the same to the social ailment making it a delightful and intriguing read for me.

The plot is linear and the writing style fluid. It smoothly takes us through Iqbal’s life. All the ends are well tidied up with no clutter of characters. However, a particular character of Senthil disappears mid story, as soon as Payal and Iqbal’s love track starts, and there’s no knowing about this character. Nonetheless, the book makes for a good read.

I absolutely loved the character of Iqbal. He had a certain charisma around him. He was a calm, caring, kind person who could handle a difficult situation with much maturity. I presume, the character was much the reflection of the author himself. If so, I absolutely loved it.

Overall, it makes a good read. Do pick it up if you love to read romance.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐
Publisher: Invincible publishers
Available on: Amazon