Except Harry Potter there had been no book that had taken me into the wide and deep trenches of imagination until I read A Court Of Thorns And Roses. Sarah J Maas is a master storyteller and one gets a whiff of it while only a few pages in
in the novel. I haven’t read her debut work but this much raved about and loved book by Bookstagramers, #ACOTAR, across the globe made me pick it up.

June, for me, is going to be a month of #ACOTAR series. I am doing a Read Along on my Instagram account, @book_gobbler. Do follow me and DM me if the idea appeals to you and if you wanna participate.

#ACOTAR follows the story of Feyre. A genteel turned poor. She has to fight poverty by hunting to keep her family of four fed and clothed. Feyre once while hunting accidentally kills a faerie and thus begins her doom. She is taken to the faerie land by a High Fae or High Lord of Spring Court, Tamlin. Tamlin isn’t like his clan, he is a gentleman and treats Feyre with utmost respect. Soon the hatred Feyre feels for Tamlin evaporates and is replaced with a trusting noble relationship. This soon turns to love. However, they aren’t meant to be together. Tamlin packs her off to her village when Feyre begins thinking of Spring Court as her home and a life with Tamlin. What begins on other side of the world in Prythian is a nasty business. When Feyre returns to claim her love she sees a massacre of the manor that was once a witness to her love. What follows is an intriguing trial or a quest to win back and free the love of her life.

I absolutely loved the way this novel is penned. There wasn’t an ounce of space when you feel like shutting the book. Never once was I struck by boredom. The world created is ethereal, magnetic, enigmatic. I was pulled into the beauty of Prythian. The horrors sent chill down my spine. And the love brought colour to my cheeks. The writing skills of the author are appreciable.

The world has already lauded this book and I need not go on about it’s beauty, it is world renowned. But if you love fantasy and romance, if you love to see a world as good as Harry Potter do delve into this series.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Publisher: Bloomsbury India
Available: Amazon, Flipkart, In-store