This book was eerie. Read up to know why.

But before you get into #ACOFAS here’s a recap of the series for you




A Court Of Frost And Starlight is the fourth in the #ACOTAR series. It is novella of 228 pages with a sneak peek of the next book.

The book follows the aftermath and the eerie peace that comes with it. Feyre and Rhys are busy with rebuilding of Velaris and the Prythian. While Feyre lends a hand to the folks of Velaris, Rhys is said to go about chasing the High Lords for the peace treaty with humans. There are one too elements thrown in this novella. At the crux remains the winter solstice celebration which also happens to be Feyre’s birthday. Revisiting the city of dreams after a bloodcurdling war was a satisfying feeling. But after so much has happened in the past three books it becomes a lot unacceptable when the book is all goody goody. Therefore I mentioned that the book felt eerie.

Coming to the language, it makes a delightful read. The narrative keeps shifting between the characters though Cassian or Morrigan haven’t been given a first person perspective. But I had come to love the narrative from Feyre’s perspective.

Overall, the book ably gives us a glimpse into the court life after the war.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐
Publisher: Bloomsbury India
Available on: Amazon, Flipkart and In-store