Acceptance helps you move on and find solutions rather than wallowing in self – pity. – ABC Calling

Vineeth Menon’s ABC Calling is a romantic novel at crux but with a touch of thrill.

At 166 pages, it is an extremely short read which follows the story of Adithya, a banker by profession. Adithya is living a normal life but is caught off guard when he gets a message from an anonymous person. The message contains a mobile number. When Adithya calls up it is answered by a woman. This woman has been stalking Adithya for a while it turns out. However, when the two are about to meet for the first time, the woman in question, meets an accident.

What I liked about this novel is the climax. There was a tinge of suspense to the whole story, right from the accident. Throughout the novel, suspense created in the initial pages made me question the characters. Add to that the climax brought in one more surprise element. Apart from that, the in-between was okay, it didn’t say much. The characters developed through the ins and outs of the hospital visits. Conversation was what was responsible for developing the bond between the characters. Few quotes in the novel made me ponder. The research done about the medicine world was good.

What more could have been presented? The relationship that grows between characters could have been described more indepthly because there was something amiss between Adithya and Meghana, I felt.

Overall, it made for a good read.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐
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