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Off late I have been hearing a lot about the romantic thriller genre. And I believe this genre is spreading its wings in India too. While at this thought, I came across Vineeth Menon’s book ABC Calling which is a romantic thriller as well. If you wanna know more about the book do read my book review here.

Coming back to the book, I wanted to know how the book was developed and what went into making of this book. So I shot a few questions and here’s what the author had to say…

Does your novel take its name after Agatha Christie’s work The A.B.C Murders?

No. I used to save some numbers if I am in a rush as ABC on my mobile. Since the story is connected with phone calls I named it ABC Calling!

This novel is unique and inspiring but what really inspired to write this story?

I am of the opinion that any literary work should not be something which keeps the reader engaged or one which improves your vocabulary. It should contain some information which can create awareness among the readers. The very thought inspired me to write the story with all in a right mix.

Any incident in particular that is been recreated from real life?

Yes. The character Shivani has the traces from real life.

How long did it take to complete the novel? How many edits did it go through?

The story developed in a space of 8 months and it took around 3 months to type it down. It went through 3 edits.

How do you escape writer’s block?

I usually used to discuss the story with my close friends if I am double minded. Also,listening to music has always helped me.

Did face any hurdles while publishing the book?

I haven’t approached or send the manuscript to any publishers. I searched the various options for publishing and choose to self-publish it. Since I am a working professional it was a bit tough to manage both during the initial days.

What are the five things we can find on your work table?

I can’t make it five. Laptop, Mobile, Earphone and a bottle of water.

Authors who inspire you?

I am not an ardent reader of books. I read newspapers and magazines more and have a strong liking towards public policy matters. I admire Dan Brown for the amount of research he used to put up in his books.

Tell us about your upcoming ventures?

Many readers are asking about the sequel of ABC Calling. But presently I have another story in my mind ahead of the sequel.

What do you do in your leisure time?

From past 1-year writing has the major share accompanied by movies, sports and spending time with friends.

What message will you give to the budding authors?

The experience which you give to the readers will speak itself and the reading experience which you give will do the marketing. If you have a nice story in you, it will sell itself.

That was one insightful Interview. If you have any questions for the author please feel free to get in touch with him on Instagram.