Every breath is an illusion. – Till The End Of Forever

Vivaksh Singh’s book Till The End Of Forever published by Srishti Publishers is a romantic thriller that is sure to mess up your mind albeit in a good way.

220 paged novel follows the story of Ayaan and Avani. Both of them are bruised souls, they are those broken pieces of puzzle that complete each other. However, every journey that begins has to meet its end. And so come number of twists in Ayaan and Avani’s life.

The writing of the author is well paced. It is gritty and the author does decently with the language and vocab. The novel is peppered with puns and intelligent, thought provoking quotes.

The author convincingly gives a narration that’s full of grey characters. I fell for the character of Ayaan for its uber philosophical inclinations. The characters have been kept to a minimum thus focusing solely on the two main leads.

Coming to the narrative, the twists in the novel are unpredictable. And at one point when the book took a huge leap, I felt messed up in my mind or rather too involved in the lives of the characters. There was a point where I felt that the book was all over the place, interlacing one too many things and at times I couldn’t make head or tail of the event. But the climax of the book was a surprise, a fine one, I’d say.

I wouldn’t call this book a brilliant work but for a romantic thriller it does deliver adequately. Overall, it made for a good read with thriller sprinkled sufficiently.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐
Publisher: Srishti Publishers
Available: Amazon, Flipkart