The polite ones told us that Allah does not like hijras; the ruder ones simply cursed and abused. There was a time when we were invited to dance at births and weddings, but those invitations we’re becoming scarce. We entertained guests in our home. We sang, danced, and took precautions against AIDS. We managed to fill our stomachs. – Things She Could Never Have

120 pages short read by Tehmina Khan was sent all the way from Toronto Hy the author for an honest review.

The book has short stories about the uncommon life of common people. All the stories cater to the theme of “Things She Could Never Have” so all the stories are women centric.

The author tackles issues like gender discrimination, unrequited love, terrorism, poverty, patriarchy, child abuse etc. The language is quite lucid and the narration is very thought provoking. The stories are simplistically told.

I couldn’t pick one that is my favourite because every story struck an uncanny emotion in me. I loved reading this book. I wish there were more stories in the book. But the 12 stories that the book offers tackles one issue and leaves you thinking.

Overall, it was dark, disturbing reality that we see in the stories in this book. It is one of my best reads of 2018.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Publisher: Mawenzi House
Available: Amazon