There is an infinite world within the finite world of every object. – Infin-Eight

Can a 220 pages long book transform you into a positive person? Well, I say it truly can! Prajeet Budhale’s Infin-Eight, published by Fingerprint Publishing is a workbook that will bring a sea change in your attitude towards life and work.

The author pens a few simple principles we ought to follow. He gives us practicals to be practiced throughout the book. These principles and these practicals if followed and done with 100% dedication will simply bring out a new “you”, a you whose focus is solely on success. Even if you follow half the things given in this book you are sure to see a difference in your attitude.

The writing style is quite simple and the author simplistically conveys his message. What’s unique are the tales that preceed the crux of every chapter. These stories are very intelligent and convince you of the facts that are to follow. Some facts are repeated time and again but that’s okay.

What’s more, I absolutely loved the chapter “Emotional Equilibrium” for a fact that most of our disappointment in life stems from emotions. But the author takes us step by step to the climax. And once you shut the book, you can feel a positive change in yourself and a sound understanding of success and how to focus on it.

From my praises for this book you can incur that this is a definitive answer to your questions pertaining to success and how to achieve it. Believe me you, this book will have a certain impact (and good one at that) on your personal life as well. It encompasses all the facets of life.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Publisher: Fingerprint Publishing
Available: Amazon, Flipkart, In-store