Sometimes all you can get from a book is a story. You cannot expect much from it. Amelia by Millie Mills is one such novel. At 164 pages, this slice of life novel is published by Austin Macaulay publishers.

The novel follows the story of Amelia who flies Seychelles all by herself, despite the flight fright, to break the monotony of life. She is fed up of her marital routine and chores. So she takes off to a beautiful, serene place. Here she meets Barlee, an unwanted admirer. She tries to shoo him away but to no avail. Her vacation comes to an abrupt end after Barlee forcefully kisses Amelia. She comes back to London only to find herself in yet another life threatening situation.

Now, the blurb, as I have tried to sum up, does sound interesting and it is so. But I felt that the book met a sudden end. Yes, a happily ever after it is but then again there was something amiss. The puzzle had some pieces missing.

Amelia, as a character comes across as a sorted woman who knows her priorities. She is a well developed character but the author could have done more rather than just showing that she wakes up with a hangover, hovers around in the day time and hits the pillow with the little help of wine/champagne! Another character is that of Barlee. He is again half cooked character who springs from the jewelry stall, stalks Amelia to then meet an uncalled for event. I didn’t like the way this character was thrown out of the novel. But the end of this character gave rise to an uncanny thought that perhaps his end was what was needed to pump up Amelia’s life.

I mean, I know, this is giving away the entire book but when the book starts feeling good with an added twist, it ends. That’s how it is.

This book is a good one time read. A quick read, I would say. There’s not much in there actually.

Rating: ⭐⭐.5
Publishers: Austin Macaulay
Available: Amazon