“As if being single is a communicable disease that must not spread. – Status Single”

Sometimes some books are so knowledge heavy that just reading one pages lakes it equivalent to 50 pages! Sreemoyee Piu Kundu’s Status Single is one such book. Published by Manjul Publications, the book is knowledge heavy at 233 pages.

The book traverses through the lives of single women in India. The author has interviewed over 2700 single Indian women for this book and which goes on to say a lot about the research that has gone into making this book. No wonder the book has caught attention of Indian readers effortlessly.

There’s so much to this book. I had never thought that being single could be so difficult! The book looks closely at different aspects of being single, the pros and cons that come with it. I felt that cons outweigh the pros. The author looks at the following concepts in the book from the perspective of single ladies:

• Marriage for companionship because who will take care of you when you grow old.

• Marriage for kids because a woman’s body clock is ticking ….
time bomb like! Kids are a necessity or you are termed as baanjh /barren.

• Adoption, surrogacy, IVF are much opted options to conceive by single women.

• Being a single lady one has to suffer at the hands of society. Single women aren’t allowed in residential buildings.

• Marriage is a license for sex….wrong belief. The trends are changing and so are the mindset. Single women are open to different relationships. There are experiences recounted of those women who are in polyamorous, BDSM and no-strings- attached like relationships, without remorse.

• Pros and cons of living with parents.

I felt the book talks 70% about single ladies, rest 30% forms divorcees. There’s hardly any representation for young widows.

“Single is not a state of life. But a state of mind. – Status Single”

The writing style is impeccable. Words like manless, men-o-pause are peppered throughout the book. Concepts like, “you are divorced, not deranged”; “she will suffer period pain”; leaves a lasting impression and simultaneously gives you something to ponder over. The writing style is blunt and the facts are in-your-face, blatant truths. Along with the experiences of single women, the book also brings in limelight some unheard of businesses that cater to the needs of single men and women.

The book is a sure four starrer and it kept reminding me of films like “No Strings Attached” or web series like “Maya” by Vikram Bhatt. It gave me feminism literature feels and the best of feminist literature was recurring in my mind while I was reading this book!

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Publishers: Manjul Publications
Available: Amazon, Flipkart, In-store