Life is a lie. When you hear or read this adage you take it from a philosophical perspective. But ever thought if your life was really a lie how would you deal with it?

Everything Everything is my first by Nicola Yoon. I heard the audiobook and read the ebook alongside. In around 5 hours I was able to finish reading this book. And lovely isn’t a word to describe this book. Beautiful doesn’t come close either. It’s out of this world and a unique love story. You haven’t read anything like this ever before!

The story follows Maddy’s life. She is detected by SCID disease and is engaged in her house all her life. She has never stepped out of the confines of her house. But her life takes a huge leap when the house next to hers gets new owners. Olly is her new neighbor and he is the one who will make Maddy get the taste of life.

The writing is lucid and one-of-a-kind. The whole story is from Maddy’s perspective and elements like email exchanges, chats, medical sheets, etc. form a part of the narrative. I loved the way the flow of this novel is. It is medium paced but you don’t lose interest in the book even once. I wouldn’t say that it is unputdownable but you can actually put it down but when you get back to it, it will be waiting for you to delve deeper into Maddy’s life.

Overall, I loved this novel. And want to read more from Yoon.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐.5
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