Doctor Alka Dixit brings for us a wonderful, inspiring dose of positivity through her book Life Is What Matters. Published by Srishti Publishers we get a guiding light in just about 150 pages.

You may be frustrated with your spouse or have a problem dealing with your temper or anger or you may have a troublemaker of a child or be it any problem whatsoever, Alka Dixit’s book gives you a new view towards life.

Believe me you guys, you haven’t heard of it ever before. You may have read many self help books and they may have thought you a thing or two but this book gives you a wonderful perspective towards life. And I absolutely believe in every word that’s penned. Rather than going all over the place which most self help books do, Life Is What Matters gives you a direction/theory and then helps you apply that theory in your life. It’s quite easy if practiced as is written. All you need to remember is that your life is your child and the rule of 3. That’s all it takes for you to begin the transformation.

I wouldn’t say that it’s unputdownable but I enjoyed reading it and so couldn’t part with it. I read it in a day and half. The language is simple and it follows the story of how this book was born which makes it all the more appealing.

Anyone who wants to see a positive change in their life, pick it book, apply the said things in your life and voila you will see yourself changed for good!

I have always believed that a book picks the reader and its never the other way round. I know now why I was picked by this book!

Overall, it’s makes for an uber positive read. Go for it!

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐.5
Publishers: Srishti Publishers

Available on: Amazon, Flipkart, In-store