I follow a mystic who teaches me spirituality. If you follow my blogs you have read about it already. You know I discussed about the difference between spirituality and religion. If you haven’t read that blog yet please check it out here

Pizza Religion by Khushwant Singh is a really interesting book about spirituality and our outlook towards religion. It is a non fiction book and a short read.

The book follows various facets to give us a clear distinction between fanaticism and spirituality. It is subtle in it’s approach and to the point. With the help of a few anecdotes the author puts his thoughts across. I never once felt that the book goes haywire or is over the top. It does the work it aims to. It preaches you about spirituality and it is up to us how we take it. As the author says, we are free souls and do as we will. But for the better of us and others, I would rather follow spiritual pursuit then a restricted confines of religious ceremonies.

I wouldn’t be honest if I say I completely agree with the author. No. A bit about homosexuality is something that turned me off. Though what the author says does hold true, I believe sexual orientation is natural as much as it can be a result of outburst of suppressed sexual energies. Then another thing about the book is that it cannot be called a page turner though it is thought provoking.

Overall, the book is sure to interest you if you are a spiritual seeker like me.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐
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