Sometimes the nightmares are real and can be a premonition to the impending doom. Priyanka Baranwal’s The Shadow Of Darkness is one heavy book that talks about the voilence against women in all forms.

The 390 pages long novel follows the story of Sejal Kapoor who is a victim of childhood voilence. A break in into her house leads this then 5-year-old to suffer series of nightmares in teens. But her problems don’t end there. When she voiced against a miscreant who was molesting a girl, that’s the resurrection of her nightmares in real sense. Post that the story takes a huge leap.

In the first 200 or so pages there are series of events and all the backgrounds discussed. Every character is sketched in detail. During this time only the character of Kartik is introduced and a new angle in the story gets explored. Talking about characters there are few characters introduced in the story and the author does a clean job with these characters in the narrative. Add to that I loved the character of Sejal and how beautifully she is sketched. She can be flawed, she can be strong and she can get aggressive.

Also I really loved the fact that this book is layered with different crimes against women. But at the same time the fact that women too can be a lot oppressive towards men doesn’t go unnoticed. The cases of every teasing, molestation, female infanticide may seem like the author has put too much on one plate for the readers. But from an author’s perspective this is the base on which stand the rest of the story and the impending twists. I get it that one may be put off by the first 200 pages but what follows is a gripping tale and that should not be missed.

Overall, it made for a good read.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐
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