I am extremely pleased to interview Dr. Alka Dixit of Life Is What Matters. The book has brought a lot of positivity in my life. Upon closing it I could feel the vibes tingle my spine and an uncanny good sensations run through my being. It sure gives hope to the hopeless.


1. Tell me how did you come about writing such a positive book?

LIWM is very close to my heart as this is my first book and I wrote this book keeping in mind today’s youths who do not give due respect and value to their lives. I have seen many cases of suicides and losing interests in life. This triggered me to help such people through this book and if I can save even a single life then purpose of writing this book is fulfilled.

2. As an author you had a choice to write a fiction which is fairly an easy rope to walk but you chose nonfiction self help. Why?
Yes, that’s true because I wanted to offer some help and advice to motivate and inspire the people and that’s the reason that I chose this genre. May be in future I will write a fiction too but I’ll make it a point to make it a motivational and inspiring read.

3. Which is that self help book you recommend to everyone? (Except your book)

There are many self help books in the market and every book has something
different to offer. But if you ask one book then it has to be ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ by Stephen R. Covey.

4. Your favorite authors?
Paulo Coelho, Dale Carnegi, Stephen R. Covey, Robin Sharma, Khalid Hosseni. I’m also an ardent fan of some Indian authors and let me tell you that you can find a plethora of emotions and inspirations in our classic books written by some great authors like Bimal Mitra, Saratchandra, Harivansh Rai Bachchan, Bankim Chandra, Rabindranath Tagore, Shivani, Amrita Pritam to name a few.

5. Your favorite books?
The Kite Runner by Khalid Hosseni, God of small Things by Arundhati Roy, Wings of Fire by Abdul Kalaam, Autobiography of Harivansh Rai Bachchan and many more.

6. 5 things we can find on your work table.
A notebook, pen, laptop, my specs and a cup (filled with coffee/tea or empty :D).

7. How much time did it take for you to complete this book?
It took me around two years to complete this book.

8. What kind of research was involved?
The book mostly comprises of the personal experiences but few topics needed research and so lot of google search was done for the same.

9. Did you face any hurdles while publishing the book?

Yeah and I’m glad that you asked this question. As with most of debutant writer, this book was turned down by many publishers. It may be possible that being a self help book not many readers buy such books but then if you see the list of amazon best seller then most of the books are non fiction including self help books in top 100 list. So I want to request the publishers through this platform that don’t judge a book by genre and if the book shows some potential then publishers should come forward to encourage such authors.

10. What is your advice to budding authors like me?
First of all, don’t write for the readers, write what you feel. People like good work and if you write from your heart then it will touch readers hearts. Also I learnt that writing is just one part of your book and one should have knowledge of publishing and marketing of the book too. A lot of research required for that.

11. Did you chalk a road map to bring this book to reality? If yes what was it? Any tips?
Yes. First I made a ‘Mind-Map’ which was just like an outline of the book. Then I started writing my first draft and after finishing that I wrote book proposal and query letters and started approaching the publishers. You know that first draft is not that good and many changes are required in that and same happened with my book. You might be amused to know that changes were being made till last hour of the final submission of the manuscript.

12. Your favorite quote from your book.
“We all have that ‘something’ in our life with which we can bounce back
after every fall”


Thank you for the lovely interview.

Anyone who wants to get in touch with the author can contact her on Instagram.