Arvind Parashar brings a blend of rhyme and prose in Lost In Love, a book published by Srishti Publishers.

At 159 pages, the book is a short read, second in the “Messed up” trilogy. It is a romantic thriller the story of which follows an incident wherein Gauri disappears from Neil’s life. This incident brings his life to a standstill. They have been dating for a while and have only recently started living in.

The novel is a blend of suspense, longing, romance, jealousy and tragedy. I loved how every page tackles a different emotion. Though the novel is a blend of all this yet I felt that something was amiss.

The writing is lucid and the author often goes back and forth in time to take the story forward. The novel is peppered with heartfelt poems and that won me.

Overall, it made for a good read.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐
Publishers: Srishti Publishers
Available: Amazon, Flipkart, In-store