So I picked up The Novice Bride by Carol Townend to get over my slump. I was hit by a bad reading slump. Usually the slump for me lasts for 1 or 2 days but this time around it took me a week to get back to reading. And while I was on it I felt utterly irrational going about without a book!

The Novice Bride comes under historical romance of Mills & Boon. I love medieval romance, especially the one set in Scotland and England. The novel follows the story of Lady Cecily who is to be a nun but soon her sister comes to her with a news that their kingdom has fallen and that she has to wed the new Lord of her estate, Sir Adam Wymark. Only for her people does she consent for the wedding. And soon she finds herself entwined in uncanny emotions of love.

The novel gave me a start with it’s uber medieval language/slang in initial pages. But I caught up. The novel is a page turner and I loved being with the characters while I was reading it. The characters are well developed and the novel can be called as overtly descriptive but that works in favour of the novel.

Overall, I was elated after putting it away. I was out of my slump.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐.🌠(3.5)
Publishers: Mills & Boon
Available on: Amazon