I am a cinephile and a bibliophile and what satisfies me most is to come across a fabulous work of fiction. I am not a thriller fan but when I do watch or read thriller I am picky. However, I recently came across a book Dead To Them by Smita Bhattacharya and that book is something! Published by Storymirror, the book is about 200 pages and a very intriguing read.

The novel follows the story of Moira who has been missing for a week. It spins a web of suspicion rounding the suspects, giving the background story of every character. Within the circumference of limited characters and on one premise, which is the disappearance of Moira, the author weaves a masterpiece!

When I say a masterpiece I truly mean it. It isn’t a thriller that you have read before. No cliché plotline, or unnecessary drama. The story is linear with a few flashbacks. Never once do you as a reader question what is going on in the novel. You keep turning pages to know more. Over 100 pages are dedicated only to the fact that Moira has disappeared and despite being a singular situation it doesn’t bore you. You delve deeper into the minds of the characters. You investigate the case as do the other characters and when you turn over to the final pages you are blown away by the climax.

The author has her own peculiar writing style. And though the writing is lucid yet it is equally engaging and extremely convincing.

My last thoughts, such books are rare! Please do grab a copy.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐.🌠
Publishers: Storymirror
Available: Amazon, Flipkart