Hetansh Desai weaves a wonderful and a yet unheard of tale of friendship, ambition and drama in Zidd! The book is published by Half Baked Beans

The novel follows the story of Vihaan and Parth. The two are opposites that comes together to become the strength of each other. Vihaan’s ambition to win back his love and Parth’s ambition to start a “bijness” takes them both on an untravelled terrain.

After Sholay the best tale of friendship I have read / come across so far is Zidd! The novel is very well written. The narration is done to the tee. The characters are well developed. The author leaves no space for ambiguity. He manages to give us a novel with an intriguing plot and an equally interesting subplot. As also he merges the two with ease. He doesn’t waver with too many characters. He sticks to the two protagonists’ and gives us a pageturner. There are spaces when the two characters are introduced that one starts getting a Bollywood-esque feel and that feel stays till the last page. The dialogues too are dexterously penned. The writing is peppered with philosophical thoughts which makes it all the more engaging.

However, a few glitches remain. Overlooking those one gets a perfect entrepreneurial fiction. Brillant I have read so far in this now emerging genre.

To sum up, it’s inspiring and equally entertaining. It comes as a refreshing read.

My advice – read it in one sitting.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐.🌠
Publishers: Half Baked Beans
Available on: Amazon, Flipkart