Written before Independence the book I Sing The Glory Of This Land are poems by renowned and revered Indian poet Bharathiyar.

The book consists of 70 poems which are translated by Dr. M. Rajaram, an I.A.S officer. The poems are divided into 11 themes. The spirit of the poems remains the same. It’s more about freedom and the glory of the land. The affinity of the poet for his motherland is readable through the words. However, the translation I felt wasn’t the best. It was quite literal which sort of made me lose interest. I had to put the book down and I picked it up much later. But some of the translations just touched my heart.

I fell in love with the poems –
Lord Kannan
Kannamma, My Baby
Jesus Christ
Chatrapathi Sivaji
Raja Ravi Varma
Dance On Women’s Freedom
Bhims Accusing Dharma
Oath Of Draupathi (Panjali)

Overall, I think it made for a decent read.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐
Publishers: Rupa Publications
Available: Amazon, Flipkart, In-store