It does not matter whether Kashmiris agree or disagree; their fate is already sealed. – Between The Great Divide by Anam Zakaria.

When I first came across this book, I presumed it to be a heavy read. Yes, it was heavy but it left me satisfied and speechless. In fact I believe Between The Great Divide by Anam Zakaria has given me much more than just satisfaction.This book is my maiden review for HarperCollins India and I am so glad for it!

When we hear the term conflict we just know that it is with reference to all the struggles but when we use it with context to Kashmir then the meaning takes a tumultuous and a gory turn. The book follows the real life incidences from Pakistan Administered Kashmir. It shows the mirror to the conflict in Kashmir. Though it limits itself to POK yet one can clearly conclude that the situation in Indian administered Kashmir won’t be any different.

One former militant I met with in Kashmir told me that Pakistan’s change in policy after 9/11 caused a serious blow to militant outfits, making them largely impotent. – BetweenThe Great Divide by Anam Zakaria.

While at it one also gets to see how very layered the writing is. The book slowly delves or rather unveils the Kashmir issue. It tackles the political chaos, the human property and life loss, the increasing belief that Pakistan sponsors terrorism, the impact of partition, refugee camps etc. The real life stories that we come across in this book leave you disturbed. To read about a mother who has to give up her baby to save herself or to read about someone minced to pieces because of the mortar shelling has a deep impact on your mind. The writing is honest and bares it all, an undisguised writing I would call it. And the humanitarian view is successfully conveyed in this book, I would say. As also the writing is lucid and quite engaging. I am sure that once you start reading about Kashmir and the conflict, this book will become unputdownable for you too. Yes, I took a month to finish this book but that’s because I was devouring this book!

Overall, I think every human who is interested in closely studying Kashmir conflict or to explore a humanitarian view on the situation or just inquisitive about Pakistan administration should read this book. But if none of these is your interest zone then just pick it up to understand the situation we humans have imposed on fellow human souls.

Rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐. 5
Publisher: HarperCollins India
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