तेरी खुशियाँ…तेरे एहसास
तेरा हँसना…तेरा खिलना
मुझसे बिछड़कर भी तेरा…
अपने आप में गुम रहना….

Nazmein Intzar Ki is a Hindi poetry book by Smita Parikh. Smita is an actress and entrepreneur and pens some soulful poems in her second poetry book Nazmein Intzar Ki.

The poetry collection of around 90 poems with the prominent themes of longing, love, separation and breakup. While some poems have a typical rhyme scheme and meter, some poems are a more like a heart to heart dialogue. The sentences are succinct and at times hard hitting. The words reach your heart and are heartwarming even. Some stanzas in the poems (like the following) stay with you for long.

दुख भी आधे सुख भी आधे
अपने सपने आधे आधे
टुकड़ो टुकड़ो मिलते हो तुम
जब भी मिलते
आधे आधे

तन्हाई में भी तुम्हारे साथ रहूँगी
बनकर तनहाईयाँ

रातों को चेहरों के नकाब साफ नज़र
आते है दिन में
परछाइयाँ सच उगल देती हैं
रातों को

I don’t think I will get over these lines anytime soon.

Coming to the poems that I loved from the collection…

1. साथ
2. मेरे पूरे मान के स्वामी
3. सितम
4. मौत का डर
5. शिकवा
6. नवजीवन है नया वर्ष यह
7. फूल से नन्हे हृदय पर
8. शिकायत

The poetess has poured her soul into these words and its hard to overlook that fact.

Overall, I feel it makes for a good leisure read, especially for those like me who love to dive into poems every now and then.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐.🌠 (3.5)
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