We all have at some point in our life have waited for that signal, for the signal light to turn green, so as to move ahead in life with the decision we have been hesitant to make. And Then The Light Turned Green by Mehar Luthra is a short read which depicts that state of mind.

The fact that it is only 30 pages book, a collection of 5 vivid short stories is what appealed to me the most. Every now and then, a reader does need a breather and this was a breather for me. In midst of reading 5 distinct novels, I came across this book and was absolutely blown away by the stories. Every story evoked a different emotion in me. If I was happy for Jeet, I was not at all surprised for Asees, then there was Madhurima who was an inspiration. And well, a case like Sanjana’s isn’t new to me since I have dealt with the issue in my debut novella, Beyond The Veil – The Journey Of An Indian Girl, and yet it evoked the feeling of hatred in my heart of Sanjana’s husband.

I loved the writing style. It was smooth and brought you well at the junction when the light turns green. Every story is named after the character and every story ends with ” And Then The Light Turned Green” emphasising the importance of theme.

Overall, this read is short, succinct and refreshing. Do pick it up.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Publisher: Readify Books
Available: Kindle