I received a tote bag from Pinaken. Pinaken is an instagrammers favourite brand and has some asetheticaly appealing designs. The bag with minute studs on top has a breezy, feminine design. Though the straps would slip off at times yet for me the bag does the job of carrying the world in it. I am a person who carries truck load of baggage in the bags and therefore I often prefer Totes. I was happy that despite the amount of material the bag happily served me throughout my errand.

The bag is made from ruggedized cotton cloth canvas and is eco-friendly in every way. The design is eye catching and a dream for every shopaholic. In fact, Pinaken has an array of products with some unique designs. Their slings bags, pouches, passport holders, notebooks, smartphone covers all boast of sophistication and adorable designs. These designs are sure to up the fashion quotient when you trot around with these bags. After all, bags are an essential rather quintessential fashion accessory and one ought not to compromise on that.

About Pinaken

Pinaken is a tribute to traditional and aesthetic sensibilities of the world. We bring to you a blend of contemporary designs and skilled craftsmanship through our products. We bring an unmatched experience of using modern and hand embellished products. All of our fabric products are printed, hand embellished and hand embroidered by highly skilled traditional craftsmen.

A brand of Sharp N India, Pinaken.com is the best place to buy imaginable, funky, trendy gift items from India. Choose from an ever expanding array of categories which includes everything from stationery, gift items and notebooks.

Where can you find this product?

You can easily avail the products by Pinaken on Amazon or their website.

You may want to follow Pinaken on Instagram to stay updated about their latest products and designs.