You’re Rakshasas, the guardians of the forest and nature’s defence against those who seek to tame and bring her to her knees.

Over the years we have forgotten the meaning of a certain concepts from Indian mythology and Rajiv Menon’s book Rakshasas brings back these concepts justly.

Rakshasas is the second in The Vedic Triology. If you have watched my book haul video, you know that I had read the first book, Thunder God in 2014 when I had accidentally come upon the book on the streets of Mumbai. I kept looking for the book’s sequel because I literally relished that book. Hence, picking up Rakshasas excited me to no limit. It would be right to mention here that this book totally lived up to my expectations.

The story follows the rise of Rakshasas. Over the years we have heard about the fact that Rakshasas lived in forest and were giant carnivores but this book changes that concept. It adopts a logical approach to reacquaint us with Rakshasas. They are more like tribals, worshipping the facets of the nature like snake, eagle, leopard etc. but together they are bound to Earth goddess Raksha. They live in the depths of forest and are threatened by the expansion plans of Aryas. On the other hand, there is Asuras, demons, who are marching to capture Bharata under the reign of Naraka. Then there’s Aryas who are functioning under Bharata with Jayanta, the son of Indra, as their King. The King is guided by Manu, the lawgiver. However, the plot boils down to march of Aryans on the Dravidians.

Though the author doesn’t spell it openly yet the theory is comprehendable. I am amazed that the author manages to put so many layers to this story. From the point it began I was captured by it. My fascination went on increasing as I kept turning the pages. There is no doubt that the writing has a quick connect. I was unveiling the old concepts with a renewed vigour as I was reading this book. I took a month to complete it because at times it did get heavy on me. With so many concepts explained, putting it down was the only way to get back to it again. The book does get chaotic with so many characters and tribes introduced but it converges to bring the story to a justified culmination. Again it leaves a cliffhanger wherein we see the revenge of Thunder God, the rise of Shiva and the impending conflict with the Auras.


That was one intelligent book there.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐.🌠(4.5)
Publisher: Westland publication
Available: Amazon, Flipkart, In-store