“She is a doctor now.
She heals souls.
With her poetry.”

These are the words from Priyanka Bhatt’s book Minuscules when less is more. Published by Notion Press is a very short read.

At around 143 pages this book evokes multiple emotions, shock and surprise being prominent for me. As the title of the book suggests the words are less but convey a lot. The theme of this book basically talks about horror, love, separation, longing and nostalgia. I love reading poems and so I decided to make this my 97th read of the year. The book is a mix of poems and short stories but here you will find that even the short stories have a pace, a rhythm and a lilt to it. I have bookmarked many poems in this book and a few that have stayed with me are

1. Heals (written above)
2. Hope
3. Religion
4. Words
5. Society
6. Oxymoron
7. Mother

And a lot many others. Reading stories/poems like Feet was spine chilling and poems like Fear, Darkness were inspiring.

Overall, it made for a relaxing read.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐.🌠(3.5)
Publisher: Notion Press
Available: Kindle, Amazon, Flipkart