Detox water or infused water is fast gaining credibility and recognition. In everyday life it is difficult to keep a tab on our eating habits. We become what we eat hence it is important that we detox once in a while. There are 7 day detox plans, a month long detox and like wise. Detox, though the claim isn’t backed by any scientific research, yet it has proven to help in boosting energy, improving digestion, skin, help in weight loss and reducing inflammation. And so as a toast to good health and wellness, here are 7 easy make detox drinks recipes that you can try.

How much to drink?
How much to drink absolutely depends on how very active you are but one bottle a day is good enough. We are infusing the water with flavors and vitamins which will surely not harm you unless you consider caffeine infused water.

Only cucumber water

Use at least a medium cucumber, peeled or unpeeled, and mix it with water. You may choose to refrigerate it and sip on at regular intervals.

Watermelon, mint and strawberry

6 sprigs of mint crushed, 2 strawberries sliced, 4 cups of mashed watermelon.

Apple and cinnamon

One cinnamon stick and one apples sliced.

Apple, orange and lemon

One apple sliced, 4 wedges of orange, squeeze lemon juice

Cucumber, mint and lime
5 mint leaves crushed, medium sized cucumber sliced and 1 lime sliced.

Citrus detox

Half cucumber, 4 oranges sliced, one lemon sliced, few mint leaves

Ginger and lemon

2-3 inch long ginger root and juice of 2 lemons.