Deepika Padukone is reigning Bollywood right now and for all the right reasons. She oozes the confidence and her demeanor is charming. She instantly attracts you with her dazzling smile. And ever since we have seen the parantha thali and dosas that are being named after her we know how farfetched her popularity is!

So while the world craves for Deepika Padukone parantha thali and Deepika Padukone dosa, I really wanna get a taste of her style. Here is to all those times when Deepika Padukone bowled me over with her style.

She totally rocks the LBD looks and it’s easy to carry for any of us. But obviously it would be difficult to look as hot as Deepika Padukone!

The airport look
Whenever she is spotted at the airport you will find her in the simplest outfit. Boots paired with denims, possibly a jacket over a tee and glasses or glares. It’s so cool!

Pc: Yogen Shah

Chic traditional or Indowestern
Now, chic traditional is a termed that I have coined after seeing Deepika fuse traditional and western. Because? Duhuh! Because it does look chic!

She will look sanskari AF in traditional and yet quite hot!

To all those times when she tried to be casual adding a tinge of hotness but the hotness radar escalated to such great heights that we fell in love with her look!

And my favorite of all these looks she, the way she looks with Ranveer Singh!

Dreamy, beautiful and fairytale-like 😍

Hayeeee….heartmelting, by God!


“Main apne life ke har scene mein na STAR hoon….” (Break Ke Baad)

PS: All the images have been taken from Pinterest. The pic credit solely belongs to the websites they were first used on.