Every week I watch some very useful videos or make it a point to listen to podcasts. So I thought why not share these amazing facts with you all.

First week of Jan, 2019 was really good. I did get to learn a lot. Here is a recap for you all.

1. Intermittent fasting helps! (Will blog about it soon.)
2. Our body needs to stay hydrated and detox water is just a fancy way to hydrate ourselves. 😅
3. To wake up early we really need to have a purpose. Unless it isn’t urgent or an absolute necessity, our mind doesn’t heed the request to wake up early.
4. You can learn foreign languages even on your smartphone! By this I mean is, you need not enroll in some fancy classes or fall for their offers / discounts 😂
5. You need not be creative but journaling makes you a lot organized. It is real! (More about it coming soon.)
6. We speak about 125 words per minute but we grasp about 400 words per minute. So make listening your biggest asset.
7. Blogging can make you rich and famous too. Learnt it from MissMalini.
8. And make passion your profession. Learnt this too from MissMalini.
9. My friend’s Instagram post was reposted by Sonam Kapoor. Her Instagram followers increased two folds. So remember, to put your best foot forward and also that your social network is being watched even by your favorite celebs ♥️😀
10. Sometimes accidents are good. Read all about Google story you will know what I mean. Also do read up why Facebook is blue 🙃
11. You are only one trick away from being a polyglot 💃

So that’s about it folks.

Do let me know in the comments what were the best things you learnt this week or last month or today even.

Keep learning.