We die to live or live to die; each moment of life is just another lie. Our worlds, dreams, aspirations are perceptions crafted by social coding and expectations of people around. Even our definitions of ourselves is unreal. – Endurer by Kapil Raj

Endurer by Kapil Raj is a story about the millennials and how one wrong move can alter a person’s life drastically and irrevocably. Yes, it is a “Rape” story. Published by Write India, the books is 216 pages long.

Set in Noida, the story follows the life of Palak and how her rendezvous with drugs and alcohol leads to an irreversible damage. She is raped by acquaintances and soon her video clip is uploaded on a porn site.

Even writing the gist of the story shakes me to the bones. I can’t really fathom the amount of pain the character must have gone through. Yes, the story is fictional but incident isn’t. Rape is the fourth common crime committed in India. Over 24,000 rape cases were reported in 2012. Madhya Pradesh followed by Jodhpur and then Delhi is said to have highest rape cases. Around 7000 out of 100,000 minors are raped each year as per Human Rights watch reports. Marital rape isn’t a crime in India. And that’s just about rape, molestation cases have more shocking figures!

Coming back to the book….

The language is colloquial and the millennial slang is used often. However, at times in an attempt to use slang, the meaning of a statement changes. But there’s a flow in the story and that’s solely because of the dialogues. To me, the settings seemed typical but it never really mattered because the story had won me. It rolls out slowly but 100 pages in into the novel and you are hooked. It is thrilling and engrossing.

Again I felt that the experiments of young generation with drugs and alcohol is typical (rather it is accurate) but the author knows what he is talking about. Which drug can intoxicate you and which can even damage your brains, it’s a tightrope the author successfully walks on. Very succinctly the author shows us the most common mistakes youth of today make. How they are attracted by grandeur and show-off. How they are eager as well as equally foolish to try new things and venture into an unknown territory.

However, what I loved the most were the subplots and the way the protagonist deals with rape. She avenges her pride with grit and intelligence. She doesn’t bow to the system rather she uses the available tools to make the world stand up to her cause. To talk about subplots, as an author you need to be very careful if you introduce subplots. But the author introduces subplots which are crucial to the development of the story. I loved how Meethi and Sethani became the strength that was much needed to the story and by the protagonist. These two characters are inspiring. The subplots then help culminate. There are no loose ends in this story.

Talking of the characters, the author has done a good job of successfully juggling multiple characters. The fact that some characters have a grey shade and some are black is an instant perception that we get when we are introduced to the character. There’s something about their body language, their actions or the dialogues that helps us gauge their intentions. On those lines, I also felt that one can easily comprehend who the main accuse is.

The novel does require edits but make sure you read it for the story. I recommend that you to read this book in one sitting.

Overall, I think it made for a very good read.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Publisher: Write India
Available: Amazon, Flipkart