“Be formless, shapeless, like water….Be water, my friend.” – Bruce Lee, The Lost Interview.

The above words spoken by Bruce Lee stand for flexibility and that’s what the book Fluid by Ashish Jaiswal explores. At 234 pages length this book explores how the education system worldwide is shrinking or more precisely, clipping our wings!

Ashish Jaiswal begins with fictional stories and makes sure to drive the point home with the help of these stories throughout the book. As mentioned earlier the book talks about the shrinking state of education system and the anti-fluid nature that’s become commonplace.

While writing this review there are one too many thoughts going on in my mind. For starts the author turns this heavy read into one delightful experience by sufficiently sprinkling stories from mythology or stories pertaining to prominent personalities. He convinces us that to think out of the box we all have to stop fitting ourselves into boxes. How, rather than, specializing in one field alone, we ought to become “Fluid Specialist.” By that he means that let us be learners for life and let us make this world our learning ground. That’s how eminent personalities truly made a name for themselves, be it Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Da Vinci or Darwin. We shouldn’t kill our curiosity if we think that it doesn’t pertain to our stream.

Questioning leads to innovations and that’s what this book majors in. It shows us how our education system has departmentalized not only our personalities but our mindset as well. For instance, an architect will only want to discuss architecture, a scientist will only want to discuss science, an artist will only want to discuss art and so on. But did you know that when art and science come together we get the most purest form of music? No? Go read about Mridanga or just pick up this book, you will know!

The language is lucid and the book, involving. Every chapter deals with one topic at a time and the author touches upon many horizons yet untouched. To me this book felt like a long and fascinating TED talk! It kept reminding me of the film Tamasha and how Imtiaz Ali tries to point out the redundant life we all lead. Then I could hear Ranchoddas Chandchad’s words “Beta, kabil bano, kabil…kamyabi jhak maar k piche aayegi….”

In our rat race to secure good grades and a good job, we all have stopped questioning, we all have learnt to cozy up in our comfort zones and we all have stopped to learn! We all have become “Money bulls” running behind money and power, the “knowledge bull” is nowhere to be seen in our lives, our thirst for knowledge is diminished!

Overall, I think we all are and will “be more than we are taught to be,” we only need to look within and explore.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Publisher: Wisdom Tree
Available: Amazon, Flipkart