So, I am a lot late in posting what I learnt in week 2 of the January, 2019 because week 3 is closing already so here is a consolidated post of week 2 and 3.

Things I learned #2

1. Emotions are solely guesses made by our brain. Did you know that?

2. It takes at least 2 to 3 years to speak a foreign language fluently so patience is the key.

3. To be better at conversations become engrossed in conversation. Listen to what the speaker has to say. Don’t interrupt. Keep your questions for later.

4. Try “random act of kindness.” Try to be kind to one person everyday. Give up your seat in the train, help them buy a ticket or coffee. It feels good.

5. Don’t shy away from expressing your anger. But also be reasonable.

6. Laugh at yourself. Don’t know how to do it? Then learn to laugh at yourself it will only make you more humble and human.

7. Always be open to feedbacks it helps us evolve.

8. At EOD laugh with your fam, it helps relieve you of stress.

9. Right attitude is everything and failure is just an experience. Keep a positive attitude towards life.

10. Have you tried a spinning dancer test to check if you are left brained or right brained? No? Do try.

11. #10yearchallenge makes a difference only if you have evolved intrinsically because physical appearance is an allusion.

12. No matter what you do slip-ups happen.

13. Learn to finish what you started. Just focus and you will achieve.

14. Don’t splurge more than you earn. 😅

15. Just like Dory says in Finding Nemo, “Just keep swimming.”

16. Spinning dancer test is total BS 👻

Let me know what you learnt in the past two weeks.

Awaiting your comments.