“If I have to fall in love today… I would still fall in love with you.”

Together Forever To Never by Satish Goyal is a romance novel which talks about relationships and perspectives of millennials. The book is 176 pages long and is published by Papertowns publishers.

The novel follows the story of Samar. He is a boy with a past who falls for a Sariyanka, a girl from small town. The couple is madly in love and Samar considers Sariyanka his better half. However, it isn’t what it seems to be.

The story of this novel is quite simple and likable. However, I wouldn’t call it out of the box romance. It is one time read and leisure read. The story has a flow which makes it an easy read. Moreover, the flow makes sure that the time lapse doesn’t come across as jarring. The language is lucid.

The author has peppered a good amount of suspense in the novel and it keeps you involved in the story. However, if you are a Bollywood buff like me you will start feeling how the story is similar to one of the commercially successful Bollywood films, once it unreveals itself fully.

The characters are minimal but at times there are certain characters like Prachi or Anurag that introduced without any substantial background to them. And that can be a lot confusing. Aman is an important character in my view but is missing from the story, just a mention here and there is what we get to read about it.

Patch-up and break-up seems like the major theme of the novel. Though it gets irritating at times yet it is okay if that was author’s intention because all relationships do go through highs and lows.

Ultimately, I think that Samar’s past wasn’t really important to the story. What mattered is what happened to him after he met Sariyanka.

The novel has ample of quotable quotes poems and philosophies. If you want a good read for leisure time do pick it up.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐
Publisher: Papertown Publisher
Available: https://amzn.to/2UtXtPg