Hola Amigos!

Today I am sharing with you all my latest addiction – Skinny Coffee Club’s coffee. The delicious chocolate mocha coffee is more than just coffee! It is the most delicious way to reduce weight.

The ground coffee comes in a zip lock pouch which is easy to carry around. To top it, you can use a tea infuser or strainer to filter the coffee. It is best drunk without milk. But if you would like to add milk then make sure you add coconut milk.

Carry out your fitness ritual as usual, follow the diet chart that comes with the product. Gives this program 28 days of your life and viola! You will see a difference.

I have previously used Skinny Coffee Club’s 28 Days Day Coffee program.

You can avail the product: https://amzn.to/2DklLEf

Or check out their Instagram page for more information