If you have an erratic schedule or eating habits then you are prone to acidity much. Popping pills every now and then isn’t good for our health. It can do major damage to our kidneys and intestines.

So if you are facing acidity issues. Especially if you feel burning in the chest then you can try this method everyday and say bye bye to acidity forever!

What will you need?

Just a glass of water!

Yeah, that’s all you need.

Should we drink that water?

Of course!

But how?

Now that’s the right question to ask.

Take a sip from the glass and hold the water in your mouth for around 2 minutes. Let the saliva get mixed in the water. Our saliva carries a lot of enzymes and these help majorly in digestion and to neutralize acids.

You may also want to consider flavoring your water or taking detox water instead. Whichever way you choose to follow this process, remember only water will help you eradicate ACIDITY!

So now you know the right way to put a full stop to acidity. Try it and let me know what do you think about this method.

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