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Rudrani has reached the age of pretend play and so I was in search of those toys for her that are more educational. More like activities. I came across Firstcry’s Intellikit on my friend Genevieve’s Instagram feed. I was intrigued and decided to get one for Rudrani as well.

Firstly, the joy of receiving the package in her name literally brought tears to my eyes. And then when she saw the fun cards, spy game, puzzles and more, she kept saying “thank you” to me. We enjoyed playing “who matches better” with the cue cards provided in activity 1. We also loved the “I am a spy” game. Then there was the petal puzzle. I have made sure that we explore this super Intellikit one step at a time and these are the few activities we are acing at the moment.

This has ensured that Rudrani spends less time on mobile watching videos and instead is kept busy with these fun games. As also, it was tough for me to teach her counting and colors but with these activities it became relatively easy to make her understand these basics!

Also I felt that this is a best gifting option for kids! They will be all smiles and laughs when this big box of happiness reaches them.

Thanking FIRSTCRY for such an innovation.

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