As I have previously mentioned, I suffer from PCOD which means irregular periods. And when periods do arrive a month or so late it brings with it a lot of pain and fever. Nausea is so common for me that it doesn’t bother me anymore. However, the major problem area lies in the cramps and the searing pain! I am not a person to pop pills to kill the pain. I endure it and it is very difficult, especially the first 3 days. So if you too suffer from menstrual cramps then here are a few tricks that will help calm the period cramps.

Heating pad or hot water bag

Easiest method. Tried and tested. It is therapeutic as much as a pain reliever.

Walking or any exercise for that matter releases endorphins. Endorphins curbs stress and pain.

Lavender oil

Mix lavender essential oil with coconut oil and massage on your tummy and back. This will help reduce pain and discomfort.

Hot water bath
Soak yourself in hot water. It works on the aching area, relaxes your muscles and once you tuck yourself in blanket you are sure to be fast asleep.

Green tea

Green tea instantly soothes my nerves and pain. Green tea is a stress buster and the helps in blood circulation. I have spoken about the benefits of Green tea in my past posts.

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Green tea detox: An ultimate guide

For green tea detox all you will need is green tea leaves and a green tea detox bottle. You may go for Instacuppa’s Vaccum insulated Green Tea detox bottle or Instacuppa’s thermos travel mug.

I hope this blog post helps.

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