Crazy Cupid Love by Amanda Heger is a fantasy romcom. I personally haven’t explored romcom genre much when it comes to books but I do love to watch romcoms. And Amanda Heger’s book Crazy Cupid Love was one satisfying read just ahead of Valentine’s.

You know they say that “month vibes and all” is nonsense and we can read what we want to, when we want to? Yet I have this uncanny urge to pick up certain books in certain months. For instance anything that has a Christmas theme is a must during Christmas, anything that has a snowy theme is must during winters and so on. To me, Crazy Cupid Love turned out to be a great read for the month of February! It’s perfect Valentine’s read according to me.

The novel follows the life of a clumsy girl Eliza.

No wait! Before I tell you about Eliza, here is something very important that you ought to know.

Cupids officially exist in this novel and they live with humans. Infact Cupids are humans but with special abilities! And they have their own firms in towns around the world and they lend Cupid services. Am I sounding good? Or should I repeat?

This book weaves a wonderful tale infusing fantasy, romance and comedy. It is surely inspired by Harry Potter and the HP aura is evident in this novel. But the concept is out-of-the-box and needs to be lauded!

Coming back to the story…

The novel follows the life of a clumsy Cupid Eliza. She can never do her enchantments right and has failed her Cupid test. However, her family needs her help now. Their business is about to tank, they have to repay debts. Her father has had a heart attack and needs to be under observation. Her twin has to fly away for business purposes. The only person who can save the day is Eliza. How she does this forms the rest of the story.
But that gist really doesn’t do justice to the story I feel. Not only her fam but also the world of Cupids needs Eliza’s superpowers to pull them out of an impending catastrophe.

I loved being the world of Cupids and with Jake and Eliza. Eliza may seem like a cliche women protagonist who seeks help of the hero but in the second half of the novel and towards the climax she becomes a hero and that’s what I loved the most about this book!

The language of this book is sure to make you fall in love and at times leave you in splits. There is power of conviction in author’s words. Initially your mind might be muddled as to what you are getting into but soon you are pulled into a beautiful world of Cupids and you start believing in them. I was half wishing this to be true! There should be Cupid companies around the world.

Another aspect worth mentioning is infusion of technology in the story. Mandriods may be a comics book concept but to tweak it to give a whole new meaning, now that’s something! I also loved the fact that the story doesn’t stop at introducing only Cupids and their age-old tricks to us but there is something called as techno – Cupids, that concept is like beating your own world record!

I feel this book should have more installments to it because I wouldn’t want to let go of this cupidest world ever!

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc
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